Monthly Archive: October 2010

Recreating the old – Adeptus Arbites 3

Recreating the old – Adeptus Arbites

I’ve always wanted to work on an Adeptus Arbite force, but for some reason it never happened, standing aside for other projects. With the release of the new Ork battlewagon, I saw a lovely conversion that transformed it into an Arbite riot truck. This further inspired me to eventually conjure up the effort to give them a shot. Today I started on a prototype model for an enforcer.

Codex Crusades – Iron Hands 0

Codex Crusades – Iron Hands

In an attempt to streamline and focus the huge project that is the Codex Crusades, the first legion to receive much attention has reached a stage of playtesting, idea feedback and balancing but as a seperate entity from the rest. I’ve decided to seperate the Iron Hands (and future legions) into their own file for the duration. Should the monumental day that everything is completed reach us, I’ll collate them all back into a single tome.