MyWargame is a year old! Competition?

Against all odds, or at least my usual trend of project-hopping, MyWargame is one year old! This is obviously a positive fact to celebrate and am I proud to have kept my interest in the project for so long – maybe there is hope in other projects I pick up in the future also. This achievement will serve to further inspire me to improve the MyWargame website and affiliations.

In true blog fashion, I’d like to celebrate MyWargame’s birthday with a competition. I’m not one for simple give-aways though, so I am going to put my skills on the line. I am going to create a user-selected model as a prize.

How will this work? Here’s the plan:

  1. Users (you!) post suggestions in response to this.
  2. I pick my favourite suggestion*.
  3. I make the suggested model as per the criteria of the contributor.
  4. I will announce the competition draw – a random follower** of the blog will be selected to receive the prize.

* If I cannot pick a favourite, I will put a selection to poll.
** I will pool Google Connect and actual members of MyWargame.

Thinking caps on!


Aint nothing but a horn

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