Bols / Spikey bits Dark Eldar challenge

As posted here. Since I intend to get involved in more challenges and competitions, here’s the first in my list as presented by Bell of Lost Souls and Spikey bits:

The challenge is to make the best converted and painted Dark Eldar Venom (see p.43 of the codex) you can, as follows:

-A single fully painted and converted Dark Eldar Venom specifically made for this competition (please don’t submit ancient Harlequin Venom models you have already painted).

-It may be converted and painted as you see fit, in the style best fitting your chosen Kabal.

-The miniature should be based on appropriate sized and shaped base. (no giant dioramas please)

-Weathering, fine detail work, elaborate base detailings, cavorting passengers, and the like are all acceptable to dress up your entry.

-Shoot 2-4 pictures against a well-lit white background. Trust me, I can’t tell you how many cool entries have been disqualified because they were shot up against a dark, busy background, so please take the time to at least set up a curved piece of paper and a good light to shoot them against.

-One or two sentences of fluff describing the model, and its construction methods.

-Upload the finished entries to the BoLS Gallery (300kb maximum per picture) and Email us a link to them with the subject line “VENOM CHALLENGE” and the background fluff to the BoLS emailbox.

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