Fielding Genestealer Cult as Tyranids

This may seem quite an obvious choice of army to field Genestealers, but what are the pros and cons of using Codex: Tyranids as a Genestealer Cult army?

On the plus side, we can do Genestealers justice by fielding them as the real deal. We even get extra options, such as Ymgarl elites and Broodlords. With Genestealers set as a troops choice, it’s possible to field an entirely purestrain list if desired.

To represent the Patriarch, I see the Tyranid Alpha as the closest match. If you wanted  stronger presence, a Hive Tyrant is the obvious upgrade for more staying power.

The problem lies in the human link. There are no vehicles and no direct match for hybirds or Brood Brothers.

For Brood Brothers, Termagants seem to be the closest suitable entry. Squads of up to 30 models, with a selection of gun options. The only oddity is the high Initiative of 4.

Hybrids (and again Brood brothers), with a little creativity, could cover a whole host of other models:

  • As Biovores, a suitably modelled heavy weapon squad could represent this artillery.
  • For Hormagaunts, hybrids with the most Genestealer-traits fit the role as combat fiends.
  • Gargoyles could be represented by jump infantry – brood brothers with jetpacks or such.

Things get a little stranger from here. While Tyranids have no vehicles, they do have transports, notably the Mycetic spores. My immediate thought here are Termites – their deployment and immobility match up. Stepping aside from the typical Genestealer Cult army composition, imagine an infestation of a forge world or mining colony.

As for the Magos and Primacii, their increased psychic potency would suit the role of Zoanthrope well. The 40mm bases expected of a Zoanthrope would allow for a more ornate presentation of a Magos, with familiar and servants at hand.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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2 Responses

  1. Magos Explorator says:

    Your thoughts match almost exactly my own.

    I am going to count my Magos as a Tervigon, mounted on a large wheeled altar (probably a kitbash with a Screaming Bell or Corpse Cart: that’s the one bit I didn’t buy yet). The idea is he’ll have a bell or similar to call the faithful (Brood Brothers) out of their hiding holes, i.e. spawning Termagants.

    Mycetic Spores are going to be represented as Termites and by modelled bases with concealed floor entrances (the basing theme of my force is hive world). I’d thought about some sort of mortar for Biovores but was not settled on it yet.

    I’d also thought about trying to construct some larger hybrid (perhaps a Genestealer-Ogryn, or just a very mutated Genestealer-human) as a larger beastie. But I like a lot of the newer Tyranid models too, so might just get an actual Carnifex or
    I’d also thought about making some larger hybrids

  2. Aiwass says:

    There are plenty of good ideas here. I try to give something, mostly random thoughts.

    Ogryn infested/Tyranid warriors
    Ogryn infested with big gunz/Hiveguard
    Freak ratlings as swarms?
    Also (again) a Mad ogryn with heavy-flamer like weapon as pyrovore (something like that).

    A shame that I don’t mind how to the Limo.

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