Legion XVI

Every story should have a beginning, middle and end. For my Astartes, it has been one of turmoil. Experimenting with various legions through modelling and painting, I never really settled upon a favourite, but have always wanted a legion to call my own and invest my mass of marine models into.

Launching from the base of my last attempt, Sons of Horus, I have decided to take on Luna Wolves as my official legion. There’s a lot of reasons for this choice, but perhaps most important is my existing collection of models that suit the wolves. The Justaerin, Abaddon, Horus are already built and have been fielded as Sons of Horus. Their unique models and colours weren’t affected by the transition from Luna Wolves to Sons of Horus. Having a good foundation to work from is less daunting than starting from nothing.

I would like to approach the legion as a whole – looking at the combat doctrines, culture and feel, rather then selecting a few squads to paint white. Using sources of artwork and background, I want to give these marines a strong feeling of being Luna Wolves, and not a nameless ‘Legion 16’.

My first task is to build the first company (veteran) assault marines. One such squad is called the Reavers, lead by Ekaddon. I aim to paint them black, with white trim, as quoted in Horus Rising.

Here’s the first 5 models in progress:

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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