Pre-Heresy Blog Ring

Since my main motivation in the gaming hobby for the past 24 months has been quite solidly pre-Heresy 40k, it is no surprise that MyWargame has been heavily influenced by and composed of pre-Heresy content.

While I continue to maintain an interest in this era of 40k background, it is not the sole purpose of this website. The team and I pursue many games and interests beyond 40k and even Games Workshop, not reflected by the past content of the site.

I will continue to post project updates and tutorials for pre-heresy content here, but aim to move the emphasis of MyWargame to a wider arena.

In an effort to strengthen our small but growing community of pre-heresy gamers and fanatics, I will be working on an independent blog ring – Before the Heresy.  It’s a fledgling blog for now, but will grow in time. Please pop along to show your support and post your articles or blogs for inclusion!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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