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How to refocus your blog

By Rusty Dice

This is more of a question than an answer. I find my interests waver, taking on different projects and forgetting past ideas. I blame a lack of deadlines for my lack of attention in some cases. I'm easily excited by the new, quickly disarraying the old.

How did this blog/website start?

I love making tutorials, but the time involved can quickly make use of most of an evening - to produce a single model. The tutorials aren't always well received and sometimes even overlooked. Feedback is a huge motivation boost for anyone.

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Grey Knights models – initial thoughts on chapter 666

By Rusty Dice

Games Workshop have officially unveiled the new Grey Knight models. I was slightly aghast when I saw the first image of the new Grey Knight models. Take a look at this and have a little think about it:

It's a little disturbing to see. Oversized,  daft looking wrist-mounted Stormbolter and the laziest 'teleporter' device I could imagine. The whole model looks quite amateur and silly. The stormbolter seems such a shame, following the more ergonomic Blood Angels and, well, the codex cover:


Review – Forgeworld’s Eldar Assault Wasp Walker

By Rusty Dice

Forgeworld recently added a varaiant kit for the Eldar War Walker, called the Wasp Assault Walker. This is the first walker kit of this scale from Forgeworld for the Eldar. As far as rumours go, it's destined to be present in Imperial Armour XI, which features the Eldar, Space Wolves and Cadians.

At first glance, it's very similar to the regualr walker, sporting a larger, more protective cockpit shield and a rear fin. Everything else seems to be quite subtle and to the rear of the model.


Finding motivation… in the bits box!

By Rusty Dice

I've struggled to put any time against my hobby projects lately as I just haven't had the inspiration to work on anything. I've decided to sort through the masses of unused bits and models I seem to hoard without notice, mostly to make space for existing (and, inevitably, new) projects, make a bit of money and consolidate my collection. It has worked a treat for everything but those intentions. Looking through old models and forgotten projects, I find myself absorbing ideas like a sponge.

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