Grey Knights models – initial thoughts on chapter 666

Games Workshop have officially unveiled the new Grey Knight models. I was slightly aghast when I saw the first image of the new Grey Knight models. Take a look at this and have a little think about it:

It’s a little disturbing to see. Oversized,  daft looking wrist-mounted Stormbolter and the laziest ‘teleporter’ device I could imagine. The whole model looks quite amateur and silly. The stormbolter seems such a shame, following the more ergonomic Blood Angels and, well, the codex cover:

I have nothing against wrist-mounted devices and guns, but those things may as well have been extended into shield-mounted guns, with a free 3+ invulnerable save thrown in.

Negatives aside, there a lot more to the release than the Interceptor squad, and it’s oozing with conversion potential. Our pre-Heresy fans are frothing at the mouth over the new models.

Returning to my thoughts on Thousand Sons: score! There’s some excellent models to play with here. Let’s have a look at some of the options. Across the whole range, the suits of armour have fine detailing, with ornate trimmings on the legs, a healthy dose of loincloths, open-book icons, fancy force weapons. The list goes on.

This particular model:

I’m immediately drawn to Uzthizar, especially his HHCCG image with gorget:

There’s a lot of poses shown in the product entry, but the sprues are the important images for converters. Here’s a selection:

Power armour chest plates – very ornate with gorgets. There’s a few with Inquisition icons that would need to be ‘adapted’, but by large these are great pieces for any form of veteran astartes.

Helmets. A highly styled helmet that closely resembles MkIII power armour. Again, superb for pre-heresy use, particularly in veterans.

An excellent selection of hands. Yes, just hands, but how many times have you wanted something more than a clenched fist? Some great potential for psykers too.

A new servo skull! Did you know I was a big Mechanicum fan?

Sadly the stormbolters are attached to the arms. If you share my opinion, they’ll require knife or replacement. Maybe your friend likes oversized guns and will happily trade them with you. They’re too cool to miss!

Looking at the teleporter backpacks, they’re actually quite useful. I spy a Thousand Son icon hiding in there!

Finally, there is this monstrosity:

Pre-Heresy dreadnought legs? Knight conversion? Terminators with steel nappies? The options are endless.

What are your plans with these exciting new models and bits?


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