How to refocus your blog

This is more of a question than an answer. I find my interests waver, taking on different projects and forgetting past ideas. I blame a lack of deadlines for my lack of attention in some cases. I’m easily excited by the new, quickly disarraying the old.

How did this blog/website start?

I love making tutorials, but the time involved can quickly make use of most of an evening – to produce a single model. The tutorials aren’t always well received and sometimes even overlooked. Feedback is a huge motivation boost for anyone.

I always state that you should foremost do something for yourself – your audience should be second because when they don’t respond, you have only yourself to keep moving. We had a good roll, I put out a huge array of tutorials covering pre-Heresy marines, but in doing so I feel my own efforts have suffered.

The wargaming hobby is my hobby. I grew up in the ‘Games Workshop’ hobby, but have comfortably expanded into other company’s offerings over the past few years and am really enjoying the explosion of new offerings out there. I’d love to get involved further.

Where is this blog going?

My gaming environment is ever-changing. I don’t restrict myself to just one club or venue, but still find it hard to get other players to appreciate some of my bigger plans and ideas. This can be another killer on enthusiasm, but I bounce back.

With no solid focus in mind, I feel that the best way for me to direct this blog in the future, is to make me the focus. I’m the driving force, this is my hobby.  If you’re here reading my articles, you’re here to read what I do and think.

Right now, I am thinking about Knights.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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3 Responses

  1. I can’t ‘refocus’ my blog, as that would imply that I had some to begin with.


  2. Rush says:

    “I feel that the best way for me to direct this blog in the future, is to make me the focus.”

    Right on.

    Fundamentally, all of these hobby blogs are vanity projects. It’s great (and a great motivator) that other people plug into them, but at their core they’re about the author and how they do their thing. Recognizing and embracing that can only make things easier and more satisfying.

  3. Pacific says:

    I completely understand what you’re saying mate. I find it hard to believe that I get so into an idea, and then within a month go back to it and realise that I have completely forgotten it. And then other, real life stuff gets in the way. I’ve thought long and hard about the focus of my blog, and decided to keep it entirely on WE. As much as I want to post my other project stuff there, I think it would be a disservice to the people who come to my blog, just to read about pre-heresy world eater things. It’s a really, really narrow niche (and then just my own interpretation of that!) but hopefully the hobby is big enough for it, and for a small number of people to get some use or even enjoy what I post there.

    That being said, don’t sell yourself short on the tutorials you produce, and I think a lot of people are using them even if they don’t comment directly. I’ve used them, and you would be amazed the number of different places I have seen links to your stuff all over the various forums and other blogs, and in other modelling projects. I don’t think there is anyone producing tutorials with the level of detail you provide, and in terms of accuracy to the original source material. So, keep it up!

    Have you thought about making a FTW-esque button for ‘Before the Heresy’ that people can put on their blog toolbars? As FTW isn’t being updated any more, might be a nice way of getting some more traffic and tying the PH community together.

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