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Heresy Goblins! 0

Heresy Goblins!

I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on Andy’s progress with his latest goblins. Having started a Chaos Dwarf project, seeing the first few greens promptly made me decide to mark them up for use as hobgoblins. Looking half way between LOTR Orcs and GW Hobgoblins (but better than both in my mind), they really look the part.

There’s loads of them too!

Check out the advanced orders over at Heresy and grab yourself some decent goblins.

One Knight Stands – short story 1

One Knight Stands – short story

The Great Crusade recently held a short story fiction contest, for which I fell back upon the small bit of background about Imperial Knights to create my entry. I had great difficulty including a background section to give it context, whilst keeping within the 1,000 word limit, but here’s the story:

My original submission:


Beardless Dwarf, no more! 0

Beardless Dwarf, no more!

A small update as I try to organise some more thought-out blog posts! After a good session of Blood Bowl with my local gamers, my friend shoved this Dwarf into my hand and sympathetically insisted I ‘give him a beard’. So, here’s a newly bearded Dwarf as part of my exercises to improve sculpting time and skill:

Creating your own Chaos Dwarfs 0

Creating your own Chaos Dwarfs

I find it very difficult to not type ‘Dwarves’ when using the plural of Dwarf. Something GW have maintained, so I shall in this case!

As I wander through my portfolio of projects, both complete and in progress (but mostly in progress), I stumbled upon a small box (I say stumble, I actually have 30+ plastic food containers full of bits in an organised fashion) of Dwarv… Dwarfs. They’re mostly leftovers from the old Warhammer starter set, but a few random metal pieces from the likes of Hasslefree and Reaper (or so I think).