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Age of the Emperor – The War In Golconda 0

Age of the Emperor – The War In Golconda

Yesterday, Ulfhedin unleashed the first draft (teaser) for the AOTE5 campaign pack. This is a series of campaigns that I have both thoroughly loved and hated. Hated because it has utterly inspired me to start new projects. Loved because I saw them through to completion.

Set in the Warhammer 30,000 era, the whole setting grabbed my attention as I am predominantly a ‘pre-Heresy’ 40k gamer and collector. Taking part in the 5th event is a given.

A little side project – Knight Warden 3

A little side project – Knight Warden

With news of the fifth instalment of Age of the Emperor, enthusiasm for building (and completing!) my Iron Hands army has been reborn. Hinting to allow players to field 1,000 points of Astartes, backed by 1,500 from another army, suggests a great amount of flexibility and choice. Suffice to say, I am torn about what to take!

I will, assuming the rules get finalised, be bringing this little fellow to the fray:

One year ago 0

One year ago

Looking back at the blog, this time last year I was counting down the final 2 weeks until the Path to Terra campaign weekend. I was desperately trying to finish painting (and building!) my Dark Mechanicum forces for their first outing, in part 3 of Age of the Emperor. Many late nights paid off as the army was nominated for the best army award, something that really keeps my motivation alive. So much, that I took them again in part 4 and was nominated again!

Focus: sculpting and contests 2

Focus: sculpting and contests

I’ve been busying myself, thinking I could have crack at doing some complete miniature sculpts. Not only for my armies, but creating whole models for the ever-expanding miniature companies out there in our hobby. I’ve put my tendrils out to various small companies with offers of doing sample work and hunting down any contests on the radar as practice and challenges.