Focus: sculpting and contests

I’ve been busying myself, thinking I could have crack at doing some complete miniature sculpts. Not only for my armies, but creating whole models for the ever-expanding miniature companies out there in our hobby. I’ve put my tendrils out to various small companies with offers of doing sample work and hunting down any contests on the radar as practice and challenges.

First up there’s the Bloodforged contest, to sculpt Ulrika from Nathan Long’s same-name series of books. A female, Warhammer vampire – who wouldn’t want to have a go at that!

Also, I’ll be trying my hand at Pendraken’s 10mm dungeon contest.

My friends have made note of my efforts and are putting in the requests for free sculpts/conversions, so I hope to post some of my progress here as I strive!



Aint nothing but a horn

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