A little side project – Knight Warden

With news of the fifth instalment of Age of the Emperor, enthusiasm for building (and completing!) my Iron Hands army has been reborn. Hinting to allow players to field 1,000 points of Astartes, backed by 1,500 from another army, suggests a great amount of flexibility and choice. Suffice to say, I am torn about what to take!

I will, assuming the rules get finalised, be bringing this little fellow to the fray:

Combining some custom built parts from a friend, with feet and weapons from the new Dreadknight kit, this is my interpretation of a Knight Warden. Moving the classic concept forward a little, I chose to give the model a little more mobility than the ancient armadillo model.

On the bottom right is our little Warden.  As you can see, my model is lacking the back-mounted launcher – that’s my next task.



Aint nothing but a horn

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