Age of the Emperor – army planning

With the AOTE previews coming out daily, I can’t help but get excited and start planning my forces!

Here’s my thoughts on the core of the force so far.

Tactical squad
I want 2 missile launchers in my tac squad and my Rogue Trader launchers are a throne to put together, so have made an excuse to buy some of the new kit from ForgeWorld.

So far, I have 12 of thesse chaps put together, all in a mixture of MkII and MkIII with the FW Deathguard helmets and GW metal IH parts.

My Veterans are going to be in artificed-Mk1 armour. I say artificed because it’s fair to say they’d be upgraded for modern warfare to still be used. My intention is to grant them a little more coverage and an excuse to make them look cool.

The squad will be ancient, astartes from Terra. They’ll ALL have bionics and some kind of personal heraldry (Ed, this is your fault!). They’re getting full-conversion work. Here’s my prototype from the tutorial:

user posted image

user posted image

I plan on making them all CC-orientated. I’m not sure what the Iron Hands special rule will be, but hopefully it won’t clash with the 5+ FNP that Mk1 grants. One of them is getting a Heavy Flamer (since he still keeps his BP and CS).

I’m also waiting on the Iron Hands ruling for these and whether I actually need any LPs! I build and painted my Contemptor, to add to 2 FW dreads, a Furibundus and further Dreads if I need them. Definitely doing a dread heavy list for one of the missions.


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