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Well my mojo is back and I intend to get on top of blogging again.

I have been developing a game that works a bit like Play-by-mails, but through web forms and email. This is another hobby I used to invest myself in a lot, but have slipped out of for a few years as most of the games I played dried up. As a web developer and aspiring game designer, this sort of project satiates a few interests at once!

Check out http://nineworldsgame.blogspot.com/ if the above sounds interesting!

So, our club 40k tournament is coming up and Age of the Emperor 5 is on the horizon. That’s 2 armies to prepare and I, naturally, won’t be using completed projects from before. That’s just not as exciting.

For the tournament, I have chosen to field Tyranids. The competition uses custom objective rules, similar to Epic. This calls for a scoring-heavy list, so Tervigons, Termagants, Warriors and Genestealers are looking to fill most of the list. I’ll definitely be squeezing my Trygon in there too. Most of the models are being heavily reworked and over-sculpted to gain a Giger feel. Pics will follow!

For Age of the Emperor, there’s a lot of goodies! Iron Hands consider ALL Dreadnoughts as iconic units – each on granting a legendary point which can be used to upgrade certain squads or models outside of the points list. I just don’t know what upgrades are available yet! I am definitely going to be getting hold of Forgeworld’s new Contemptor model, likely to be fielded as a HQ choice.


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