Iron Hands army planning

With 3 months on the count down, I am very eager to try and tie down my lists for Age of the Emperor. It is a little difficult without the final codex options, but I can begin to outline what options I have with the missions and models available.

There are two types of mission:

  1. Planetstrike
  2. Heavy Assault

Planetstrike is fought as attacker, defender and in doubles and solo for both. That’s 4 games, requiring a list for invader and defender.

Each list is maxed at 1,500 points. This can include up to 500 points of allies (Mechanicum, Imperial Army or a second Legion). 1,500 points generates 2 free legendary points to spend.

The Heavy Assault list is 2,500 and traditionally permits a superheavy choice.

For Iron Hands, my ‘iconic’ units are Tactical squads and Dreadnoughts. Each generates a further 1 legendary point. A 20-strong Tactical squad generates a further 2 points, for a total of 3 each!

Unfortunately, other than Honour Guard, I don’t know what legendary points can be used for yet. There is a hint of upgrading bikes to jetbikes – an appealing option. As Iron Hands, I am unlikely to be afforded a Primarch. Because someone killed him!

So, dreadnoughts. Lots of them! There’s quite an abundance of choices in the list – all the regulars, plus entries for the classic Rogue Trader dreadnaughts and the recently launched Contemptor.  I had already started work on the classic Contemptor-class dreadnoughts, planning to include 2 Chucky and 1 Eddy for the weekend. Here’s the first Chucky:

So just how many should I field? I plan to include a full 20-man Tatical squad in as many lists as feasible. They not only grant extra legendary points, but gain relentless on their first turn and a permanent 6+ invulnerable save against non-AP1 guns. This unit swings in at 335 points to meet my minimum requirement. That’s a 5th of a planetstrike list in one bug lump!

For the HQ, I am really unsure. I am expecting a Dreadnought HQ option or legendary character. That would be perfect! Failing that, there’s a couple of unknowns listed. The Forgefather is the most suitable character to lead the Iron Hands into battle, but there’s no information for him yet.

Leaving 100-150 aside for the HQ and including the tactical throng, I’m looking at around 550 points of Iron Hands and another 500 for potential allies (or more Iron Hands). With Dreadnoughts costing anything from 105 basic, to 175 and then extras, that’s potentially up to 10 dreads! Just how many do I own?

Allowing some points for upgrades and perhaps even transports or an allowance for more scoring units, 10 dreads is a a few too many. Counting the models I own, I can field:

  • 3 Battle dreads (2 Chucky, 1 Eddy)
  • 2 Dreadnoughts
  • 3 Venereable Dreadnoughts
  • 1 Contemptor (a definite buy and hopefully filling the HQ slot)
  • 1 Knight Warden (token super heavy?)

OK, so that is 10 walkers. I guess that’s something to think about for the Heavy Assault Force…




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  1. King Fluff says:

    Played a tester game last night for these missions – although it is Planetstrike the Bastions are very different having 3 structure points makes them almost impossible to shift with your normal vehicle craking arsenal. It does allow you to castle units like devestators with HB,ML or even lascannons they can pour fire into the attacker with very little chance of them being ousted by destroying the Bastion.

    The attacker is best suited to using the elite, combat heavy units of the astartes whereas the defender can use weaker units enmasse either as a firebreaker or on top of bastions to pour lots of shots into the enemy from a VERY protected standpoint.

    I was attacking with 2 contemptors, thunderwolf cavalry and skyclaws accompanied by a wolf priest, this seemed to be very effective especially coupled with the initial firestorm which put a large hole in the ravenguard and imperial army defenders caught out in the open.

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