Rebuilding the 1st company

I’ve never been a big fan or Terminators, but somehow I have a few dozen models gathered over the years that get dragged through failed projects.

As you will later notice from the colours, I attempted to build a small force up as 1st company Lamenters, using the lovely new Space Hulk models. It seemed the best choice for a yellow legion that didn’t offer too much damage to the models. Tears are tears, whether they are red or blue! That got as far as one painted marine, but some decent model conversions.

Facing the likes of Terminators, Superheavies and elite units in the Heavy Assault mission for AOTE, which also happens to be kill points-orientated, I’ve chosen to finally make something of my pile of 1st company bodies and field Iron Hands Terminators! This is likely to change though, as every time I make a decision, the rules change.

Here’s a selection of conversions being prepared. I plan to add the wing to all models, as a tribute to ancient Hussar cavalry and Greek/Roman warriors. As Cataphracts by name, why not draw a little more culture into these imposing, armour-clad warriors.

Some defiled Space Hulk models

Reimagined Sons of .. Salama.. erm, Terminators.

Some of the horde...

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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