Farewell Golconda

I can only blame the 6-week drought of posts on my inability to manage my hobby time and get my army done for the event last weekend! With the panic now over and the most enjoyable event now over, it is time to reflect and get back to planning future projects.

There’s a whole forum full of images from the event here if you would like to see some of the armies and battle that took place. We had a fantastic weekend and I enjoyed using my Iron Hands against a multitude of opponents. I won all the Planetstrike (3) games, but lost the heavy assaults. I faced a 999 point Tzeentch Daemon in one and a Shadowsword in the other. A little overkill for my poor robo-marines!

In March, the next Age of the Emperor event, we are looking at a Great Crusade-era campaign. Standard 40k missions, with some tweaks to army sizes, teams and composition. It’s all very exciting again, but what has me chomping at the bit is…

An update to the Mechanicum Codex AND a whole Mechanicum faction for the campaign. Pre-Heresy has come home! We should be seeing previews of the Codex within a week, for which I will be busying my mind with ideas. I am going to clean up my existing army and return to old projects that never saw fruition. I’m adding a Gyrocopter and something extra-superheavy for the event.



Aint nothing but a horn

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