The Mechanicum return to the skies

The new-style Mechanicum is well into conception, although I have no new pictures to show you just yet. In fact, I still haven’t taken any pictures of my Iron hands from last month. I will get on top of that soon.

Unless there are some major problems with the codex I aim to field a force of Airborne Mechanicum. The army will include 2 Iron Wyvern Gyrocopters, 1-2 Storm Ravens, Robots and whatever jump infantry are required to fill the gaps.

My first project is the Gyrocopter I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but finally got my hands on 2 Storm Ravens to use as the base model.

Take a look at the model to see where I’m going:

Sorry, I meant the official Storm Raven:

Now, look at the classic Squat Gyrocopter:

Can you see where I’m heading?

I picked up some more plasticard and a couple of yo-yos today to begin building the propellors and rear-structure. Im hoping to build the components to be modular, in the sense that they could be replicated for others to make use of for their own raven kitbashes. After the flood of requests and imitations for my Storm Hawk, I’m going to be a bit more pre-emptive with this one!


Rusty Dice

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