New Skitarii experiments

With a major overhaul (read: complete re-write) of the Mechanicus codex, it’s a little difficult to decide (or know) what my army will comprise come March.

Apart from Skitarii. Everyone has Skitarii!

Rather than re-work my older Skitarii, I fancied trying some new builds. I don’t want to alienate new from old, but I do want something different.

First up, I got hold of Ramshackle’s Fire Support Troopers. They’re very cheap, so a great source for a horde-force. I decided to switch their heads for something a little more wired.



The models are quite nice, but the proportions of the lower half are a bit off.  You get a LOT of weapon ends to attach to the gun body, but I decided to use lasgun tips, as I have plenty spare from my Chimeras.


WIP Skitarii, close-up

As for colour, I’m still deciding. I definitely want black armour and orange, eerie lighting for this iteration.

skitarii PIP

‘360’ view of PIP Skitarii

PIP Skitarii

PIP Skitarii


Aint nothing but a horn

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