Myrmidon Velites and Skitarii

Also on the desk at the moment are my Myrmidon Velites. I was very tempted to go full-on Greco warriors with these models, but that would be too far beyond the flavour of the rest of my Skitarii. While the force for March will be a ‘loyal’ army, I still want it to integrate with my Dark Mechanicum collection.

So, like the new blend of Skitarii, I’m toying with Renegade heads again. This time, I’m using more bits and a bit of sculpting.

As you can see from the WIP pictures below, the current build is:

  • Space Marine Scout legs
  • Vampire Counts Greveguard chests
  • Chaos Renegade heads
  • Bretonnian Men-at-arms shields
Myrmidon Velites

WIP Myrmidon Velites

Myrmidon Velites

WIP Myrmidon Velites

The glaives are supposed to host a hellpistol, so the basic spears shown here are not representative of my final goal. The models also need ‘warp shunt’ backpacks.
To atone for the incredibly dark pictures I posted yesterday, here’s a better pictuer of the Skitarii. Nothing amazing just yet!
Skitarii Hypaspists

PIP Skitarii Hypaspists



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