Monthly Archive: January 2012


A unit a week 2 – More ghouls!

Yes, more ghouls for the ghoulkin!

The rules of my weekly challenge state I can split large units into several weeks, as long as each entry meets the minimum unit size. Wanting to pace myself, in order to allow any other available time be spent on building and sculpting, I’m doing another 10 ghouls for week 2.


A unit a week? Ghouls!

In an attempt to find new motivation, I’ve signed myself up for a couple of year-long projects. One is the Gathering of Might at Ammo Bunker, which is loosely paint an army in a year. The other is October Club’s 52-week challenge, to paint a model or unit every week (but not necessarily for the same army/game)!

For week 1, which I believe is January 1st -8th, I have chosen to do a unit of ghouls. The unit must meet the minimum unit size, allowing me to split a 40-strong unit across several weeks if needed.

Pledges for 2012 0

Pledges for 2012

Every year I try to make a number of hobby pledges. The fun part is looking back at the previous year to see what was actually accomplished and how easily new released distracted me.

As I look back, I see last year’s posts reads almost identically:

Unsurprisingly, it looks like I achieved just one item on the list – the Storm Raven comission. Money clearly motivates! Some of the items on the list are still relevant and I plan to pick them up again this year: