Pledges for 2012

Every year I try to make a number of hobby pledges. The fun part is looking back at the previous year to see what was actually accomplished and how easily new released distracted me.

As I look back, I see last year’s posts reads almost identically:

Unsurprisingly, it looks like I achieved just one item on the list – the Storm Raven comission. Money clearly motivates! Some of the items on the list are still relevant and I plan to pick them up again this year:

  • Mechanicum Robots
  • Custodes
  • More Mechanicum
New projects for 2012 are as follows:
  • Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons
  • Vampire Counts for Warhammer
  • Learn and play Warmachine
  • Build a playset for a fantasy Dungeon setting – probably utilising SBH rules.
  • Enter Golden Daemon
  • Work towards publishing my own boardgame!
See you next year!


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