Deciding a paint scheme for Kroot

There’s a vast variety of colour schemes for Kroot. Being a highly adaptive race, they can quite easily change over time to suit new environments and enemies at the genetic level. Kroot are originally from a forest/jungle habitat, but have spread beyond this over time. Looking at the ‘official’ examples from Games Workshop and Forgeworld, there’s really no restriction to their colours.

Here are a few nice examples I have discovered:

I like them all, but that doesn’t help me decide how I am going to paint my own. Vincenti’s turquoise piece is possibly my favourite, but I don’t think a horde of kroot painted to that style would work, let alone be done at any pace. I need to paint over 100 models, so I will have to cut some corners (The airbrush cutting a few!).

Vincenti also did this very nice Knarloc rider. The green on the Knarloc is very vibrant – something I want to try and achieve with whichever colour I decide on.


I think the red Kroot have a lot of potential, but am i going to get sick of doing another red flesh army?

Rusty Dice

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