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Sculpting Cthulhu

By Rusty Dice thumb

As part of my adventure into sculpting, I am trying my hand at different themes and sizes. I quickly found, as suspected, that working on larger pieces is much more forgiving, progressive and .. easier.

I have taken on a request to sculpt a small female human, but am finding the tiny limbs and details a pain to keep tidy and progress is slow due to the cure times. I've tried speeding up the putty cure time using a hot lamp, but tend to get distracted and the model turns dark brown from the heat, often bubbly from heat damage.


Mizuchi, the Awakened

By Neil of Orange Mug shot

Mywargame recently got some appreciation (on facebook) from GCT Studios, most famous for the 'Bushido' game and range of figures they produce.  As I've just received one of their latest miniatures releases, my brother asked me to do a guest review as a thank you.

I've been looking for an oriental dragon miniature for a while now and had very little success.  Fortunately I came across some very encouraging concept art in February:


Forgeworld open day goodies

By Rusty Dice

Today I undertook the yearly pilgrimage to the land of resin. Forgeworld's open day is both an exciting event and a chore.

I say chore, because the queue for new models either involves camping outside before the sun rises, or braving the 2 hour queue. Yes, you can take advantage of the great reservation service, but Forgeworld won't let you pre-order any event-only models.

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