Mizuchi, the Awakened

Mywargame recently got some appreciation (on facebook) from GCT Studios, most famous for the ‘Bushido’ game and range of figures they produce.  As I’ve just received one of their latest miniatures releases, my brother asked me to do a guest review as a thank you.

I’ve been looking for an oriental dragon miniature for a while now and had very little success.  Fortunately I came across some very encouraging concept art in February:

So after bugging them on their facebook page a few times, the concept became finished product:

I pre-ordered the dragon the moment they posted it and it arrived this Tuesday.  I’ve been working on getting it ready to paint since and here’s my review.

I used the Bushido site’s own shopping page and pre-ordered the figure directly.  No problem here, used paypal, small amount of P&P, job was a good ‘un.  I received all the expected confirmations, including notification of dispatch.  All in all, very happy.

The figure arrived in a plastic blister pack, itself in a bubble wrap envelope.  The blister pack opened easily and the figure was undamaged inside – the components in small zip lock bags backed against one of those dead handy foam inserts.  There was also a rules insert for use of the miniature in the Bushido game.

The main dragon body comes in 3 parts, tail (with tab for the 40mm round slotta base), mid section and head section.  Additionally the 4 legs and both horns came separately.  The parts are all a tin alloy I think and nicely cast generally.  A bit of flash on some of the claws and spine frill and some mould lines on the mid section tummy scales were the only things I had to tidy.  The legs were easy to allocate to the correct part of the body thanks to the sockets being quite distinctive in shape.  The horns were a little more ambiguous, so I guess you have some choice as to what sort of look you want to go for there.  I widened the sockets for the horns somewhat and was very happy with the final fit.

The main challenge with this figure is the dynamic pose, the spiralling body is all supported from the tail.  Supplied in 3 pieces, the body needed to be assembled in such a way it was going to stand up to a bit of stress during transportation and play.  With this in mind I did some fairly serious pinning of both the major joins.  The tail to midsection join went very smoothly – the miniature itself has a v shaped lock which helps, but I still very much recommend a pin.  The head to midsection join I made a bit of a mess of.  The join itself is a tab/slot affair that I felt needed pinning.  I decided to try and fit 2 pins in and this was fine when I dry assembled it, but when it came to gluing I struggled to get them to marry up nicely!  I still recommend a pin, but I think 1 central pin is more than enough given how well the tail to midsection join is holding up.

Anyway here’s some shots of the final assembled Mizuchi.

I’ve used GW’s liquid greenstuff to ensure there were no gaps at all between any of the joins – not really required for the limbs or horns, but the body sections did need some work, notably where I messed up my join!  I even had to do a little sculpting here, but this was my fault not the figure’s!  I’ve also added a little bit more hair to the head for my own reasons…

I’ve made a little vid so you can see the pose of the dragon from all angles, it really is a nice sculpt and very fluid looking: Dragon 360

In summary:
This is a really nice figure, there really is no worthy competition at this sort of scale from any other company I’ve managed to find.  There’s one or two huge dragons out there but I would argue this guy is still better and certainly the best posed.  It does present a bit of a challenge in terms of assembly, but provided you don’t make the mess I did, or if you have more faith in super glue than I did, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem – I’ve certainly had much more difficult miniatures on my hobby table in the past.

As to what lies in store for this guy in terms of painting and gaming, please head over to my own blog for further updates.

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