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Assault on Camp Talvenus

By Rusty Dice thumb

Ammo Bunker return to Games Day this year with Assault on Camp Talvenus.

The team have put together a typically impressive board that is going to be fought over by various drop teams in Valkyries. After the success of last year's table, the model jobs were distributed amongst volunteers of the site after a short vetting.


Ammo Bunker @ Games Day

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I've been a member of the Ammo Bunker for over 2 years now, having joined on invitation from another member. The site/forum's members are very talented hobbyists and never cease to inspire me. I started attending their annual meeting at Warhammer World to see some of the members and their work in person, even play games against some of their fantastic models.


Hasslefree’s Grymn Walker review

By Rusty Dice featured

Kev White is well known as a very talented sculptor, his work being familiar to anyone who collects '28mm' miniatures. His company, Hasslefree, continually puts out excellent miniatures and accessories and I can highly recommend their product and service.

Recently, Kev set out to create his first walker, for Hasslefree's range of vertically-challenged sci-fi humans, known as the Grymn. Having followed his progress on Facebook, I was eager to get hold of the walker upon release. I don't have any particular purpose for the model yet, but I am a firm believer of shelf space being used by robots and walkers!


Do you read reviews?

By Rusty Dice

As I climb back into the review mode, I felt it a little research is in order to improve the way I write reviews. Every gamer and collector sees things differently and will respond to, or enjoy, different content. Without asking genuine review readers, I can only take my own experience of what appeals to me as a way to make assumption of what might appeal to other readers.

So, I pose the following features to those who read reviews, what makes you tick?

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