Do you read reviews?

As I climb back into the review mode, I felt it a little research is in order to improve the way I write reviews. Every gamer and collector sees things differently and will respond to, or enjoy, different content. Without asking genuine review readers, I can only take my own experience of what appeals to me as a way to make assumption of what might appeal to other readers.

So, I pose the following features to those who read reviews, what makes you tick?

  • Scale shots
  • Model quality
  • Ease of construction
  • Skill required to assemble
  • Quality and quantity of images

I am also curious about rating. I would rather explore the good and the bad of a model, the company sculptor, service, etc. than give it a score (out of five?), unless there is a standard to compare to. I also like to propose ideas and ways to make use of a model beyond its basic target environment.

Please let me know your thoughts.


Aint nothing but a horn

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