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Ammo Bunker @ Games Day

By Rusty Dice thumb

I've been a member of the Ammo Bunker for over 2 years now, having joined on invitation from another member. The site/forum's members are very talented hobbyists and never cease to inspire me. I started attending their annual meeting at Warhammer World to see some of the members and their work in person, even play games against some of their fantastic models.

Last year Iテつcontributedテつto their Games Day board project - a Necron Space Hulk. I thought I had found the thread too late - being far into production for the mostpart. I quickly enquired about a 'vacant' room and was brought in on the team to produce room 8...

My room shape was a little odd, making the board cuts quite fiddly to put together, but my new jigsaw made quick work walls. I had a rough idea at this stage and put together some basic plans:

I spent an age trying to settle on a floor design, filling, removing, re-cutting until finally settling on some kind of tiles on top of styrene, allowing me to have some freedom for damaging the room area. At first I wan't to put a lot of objects into the room, but I settled for a fairly sparse arrangement so that models could actually be used in it.

Destined to be a tomb room, the only real obstruction (or feature) was the tomb placed in the corner faced by both the entrances.

Suffice to say, once all the rooms were joined up, the hulk looked very impressive:

So impressive that Ammo Bunker were awarded with a trophy for best club contribution!

This year we are returning with 'Assault on Camp Talvenus', a テつboardテつinvolvingテつsome heck load of aircraft and paratroopers. I was allowed to take part in the project again, producing 10 renegade troopers (though as you can imagine, I would have liked to contribute an aircraft). I'll be posting my efforts for this very soon.

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