Return to Darkness

I’d like to blame my lack of blogging on my camera breaking, but really it’s that huge come-down after a major event, where I disassociate myself from my armies for a short while and play board games.

It’s been  4 months since my last post and I do actually miss the banter and ideas from visitors. I have finally broken out of my board gaming vacation and am back into the miniature world. I blame the new Chaos models for this…

I got myself two lots of Dark Vengeance for the Chaos models (hoping for a third). I’m going to combine these with some original Rogue Trader models and sculpt some based on those I don’t have (such as Tyrell).

Now, I have a fancy new phone with a camera that puts my old camera to shame, so I have no excuse to post some pictures.

I joined the cork-bases bandwagon and started building a few (60) round bases to re-mount a few models on. My 60-strong Swooping Hawk army being the intention.

However, the Chaos have taken over and I’m working on rebuilding my army with some lovely new models. Most of my original chaos marines were converted to Pre-Heresy a few years ago!

Getting to grips with the new Raptors, mounted on cork bases:

Combining the kit with some of the possessed models:

One jump pack spare for the left overs:

Now, with 3 (intended) sets of Dark Vengeance, there’s a lot of duplicate models, so they need re-arranging:



Aint nothing but a horn

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