Rediscovering an appetite

While attempting to dip my toes back into the pool that is Warhammer 40k, I found myself diving head first into the deep end. After a few more small games of 6th edition, I have really enjoyed the new rules and in particular the options for armies and discovering new uses for old dogs.

As is custom, I have somehow renewed my efforts with no less than 4 armies: Eldar, Orks, Chaos Space Marines and PH Space Marines. Being realistic, the Eldar have gone back on the shelf while I play with immediate needs. We’re playing a 1,000 point campaign with increasing points over time, so I have resurrected my Deathskullz for this. Having no will power whatsoever, I’ve picked up Death Guard as my next pre-Heresy army – a long term project which will slowly increase towards March, the next AOTE event.


I feel like I haven’t painted for years. It’s certainly been a few months and I do feel the urge. I finally dug out a selection last night to try out a sample Death Guard model. My Orks were left wanting…

Inspired by the art piece in Betrayer, I decided to go for a black under-skin of armour, with the ablative Mk III armour painted in the legion’s colours.

Part of the reason I chose Death Guard is the opportunity to go exploring new ways to weather and damage the space marine armour. I really don’t like clean painting, it looks hyper-natural. I like a compromise between detail and real. To that end, I hope to challenge myself to discovering a few new techniques towards this end.

Lining the new guy against a few old legionnaires:

I don’t have a definite plan for the Death Guard, other than a desire to cram it full of infantry and slow-crawling support and artillery. I’d like to treat them as that evolving art project, where you paint what you buy, rather than box what you buy. We’ll see how that plays out.


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