Review: Bayourks from Warploque Miniatures

Warploque Miniatures is a small miniature company headed by Alex Huntley, a very talented, aspiring sculptor. You may have seen his work without realising as he has done freelance models and frequents forums with his army projects.

I stumbled upon one of his pre-releases a few months ago – the Bayourks, which I often refer to as ‘Swamp Orcs’. Alex doesn’t have the commercial might to release expansions to his ranges without a little support from his fans and customers, so new projects require a pledge system to cover the initial venture before full release. I really liked the idea of this and the models speak for themselves, so I supported the Bayourks, helping them become released.

The models are lovely. A range of its own, but also very suitable for other worlds. I am a collector and a gamer, so I thought the Orcs would slip into my own Orc armies/warbands and also find a space on my display shelves.

Here are the models assembled. I’ve actually misplaced one of the Boglins (he’s probably down the boozer). The resin is quite sturdy, but easy to cut and file. They models didn’t require much cleaning, but the few mold lines were very easy to remove.

The Orc models are a little larger than their Warhammer counterparts, but bigger is always better when it comes to greenskins. It must be all that fungus brew!

The Boglins size up perfectly against Grotz/Gretchin and as you can guess, that’s where mine are destined. The little ‘Deliverance’ Boglin is a bit of a celebrity at my regular store.

The Swamphawg is pretty big! Here’s a shot against two generations of Warhammer boars. Suitable for a wild hog or character mount, for sure!

So, if you are looking to add a good dose of flavour to your Orc forces, start a new swampy warband or start playing Arcworlde, I can highly recommend these models.

Warploque recently expanded their Bayourk range and have many other ranges worth checking out. If you happen to have or buy some miniatures, they’re running a painting competition┬áright now too!

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