Review: KingFluff Knights

KingFluff is one of those hobbyists who takes it a step further than even the most rabid collector. Custom building and casting everything he possibly can, he is a stickler for producing models for his hobby where nothing official is available.

Today I took the time to review his Knight model kit. This is a conversion package, but provides you with all the components to convert a model into a Knight, with many variant options. You will need a Blood Slaughter kit to convert for this, as it is based on the hull from that model.

The Blood Slaughter is perhaps a warped evolution of the knights, fashioned by dark smiths from the Mechanicum or Soul Forge.

The Blood Slaughter kit could be further used to add chaos-themed changes to the knight parts. In particular the head and weapons could be used instead of the provided Knight parts.

There are a lot of parts! My selection here is for the Baron. Other kits have different weapons, greaves and head depending on the class.

The resin requires a bit of cleaning. It’s quite a soft resin, so clippers are great for removing the larger feed sections (it doesn’t shatter easily). The mold lines are easily scraped off with a knife or file. Some air bubbles need filling, but you should be an expert at this with liquid greenstuff if you’ve bought any finecast!

The base is plain, so I took some time to add texture with cork and sand.

With the base glued and ready to build on, the lower half of the kit can be assembled. I suggest pinning and putty to construct the model, as there are a few flat surfaces to connect (rather than socketed). You really need to make sure you construct one limb at a time and solidify the position before moving on. I didn’t, so the pose changed a few times…

Ensure the legs are firmly glued and the waist section is drilled before attempting to add the torso. I built both separately and left them to set before combining them. It’s probably best to paint them separately too. The torso could be pinned or magnetised, but I wanted a fixed pose.

Here’s a preview of the assembled model, undercoated. I am intended to convert it further into a Chaos Knight, but as that is not part of the kit, it will follow in a separate article.



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