Big Cap Battle #1

This year, at the summer Beer & Pretzels event run by Spirit Games, we ran a hefty Apocalypse 40k game. The planning and involvement was somewhat hush hush to keep the project succinct and to test the water with running such a big game outside one of our houses.

The day was a success – more than I had anticipated – and left us wanting to run more in the future.

There was the good:

good guys


The bad:bad guysAnd the ugly:

playersA fuller report of the event can be found on my brother’s blog.

If you are located in our near the midlands, UK, check out our Facebook group, Big Cap Battles.

We are currently planning a number of events throughout the coming year and beyond. The first of which will be a Knight vs Knight scenario, involving the gorgeous new Eldar Wraithknights.


Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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