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Eldar have always fascinated me – Jes Goodwin’s sketches, the ancient mythology of an alien species.

I have slowly gathered together various models over years. I once even painted a small force in some ill-conceived pseudo-Egyptian style (I was doing Egyptian funeral masks at school), using Dwarf Bronze and blue. It was thick, ugly paint. There was a brief sword-wind period where I sprayed everything white and inked helmets green, but that fell on its face also.

I continued to gather models, despite never really playing or seriously collecting the army. I tend to subconsciously generate army project plans without ever actually working on any of them.

Until, well, this…

Copyright 2013 Games Workshop

Copyright 2013 Games Workshop

Barmy as I am, I already have a Revenant Titan and still didn’t find the motivation to paint the army!

I settled on Saim-Hann as my Craftworld after seeing a lovely image of a red Swooping Hawk. Having gathered together over 40 Swooping Hawks, this very much swayed me over because they’re the bulk of my troops and Saim-Hann are all about speed.

In preparation for the new Codex I’ve finally got round to cleaning, basing and painting the models. My airbrush has been a gem in this project and has let me have a play with masking tape for some funky striped tanks!


Obviously, with our next big game involving Knights, there’s more than enough excuse to keep the ball rolling!

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