The Walking Dead – Wraithknights

So, I got my hands on the new Wraithknights. In my excitement, I forgot that I was going to try and recreate the classic builds – notably the 4-armed destroyer.

I set out to make a more dynamic pose than those shown in previews, but found that the legs were very restrictive. The calf armour is very high, preventing the legs bending tightly. You’re likely to see a lot of similar leg poses due to this.

The kit is very impressive. Even after cutting all the pegs off connectors, the whole model happily stood strong with just glue. The lightweight material means there’s next to no strain on any leg(s).

Here are my two boys, stood next to the twin-machine at Titan Games.


I tried to make the melee-armed knight appear to be leaping (also mistaken for tripping) from its previous kill (an Imperial Knight). It could just as easily be about to kick something. Say, a tiny marine dread…


My Eldar are Saim-Hann. While I like the background of knight houses/clans, I feel the already-clan like structure of this Craftworld means that they could wear their red white and black, but dress in different tribal markings. To this end, I will keep them uniform in the sense of overall colour, but will go to town on personal marking.


In an attempt to get over my frustration at the lack of leg-posing with the knight kit, I decided to go a little crazy on the Wraith Blades instead. Hacking the legs into several parts, I re-posed one in tribute to the old Striking Scorpion art:


I then realised the top of the helmet has an extra pointy bit, which clashes with the sword. So, I’m leaving these off. Maybe someone needs pointy knees somewhere.

Here’s my progress so far:


And all the dead boys together (yes, I know the knights  have living pilots):


Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. mordian7th says:

    Very cool! I was also surprised at how restrictive the Wraithknight’s pose is out of the box. I ended up trimming, sawing and puttying to get a similar running pose on mine. Really dig the re-posed wraithblade, that’s awesome!

    Keep up the great work, mate!

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