Return to Heresy

With Massacre arriving in September and a fun Betrayal campaign very soon, I have returned to my pre-Heresy armies.

I am an Iron Hands and Mechanicum player, though a large chunk of my Mechanicum is quite clearly sided with Horus. They loosely represent Legio Mortis, but go beyond the role of scuttling around the feet of titans. Notably because I have no Imperial titans (yet?).

In a couple of weeks, a local club is running a thematic campaign day, involving 3 battles and employing the Betrayal rules.  I’ve chosen to field my Iron Hands (generic Astartes for now) with a small allied contingent of Mechanicum.

So, back to work:

1000685_547608765276569_384222562_nI purchased a bag of the new boarding marines after a test game. They’re lovely models, pretty resilient and offer me something different to play with, model-wise. I’m sticking to my mix-up of Deathguard torsos to keep the theme flowing throughout the army. I have some Deathshroud to chop up too.


The new apothecary is a must buy after seeing how useful they are in the rules. Feel No Pain for big squads of marines? Yes, please.


As for vehicles, I have this mess to sort through.



Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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