Using Mechanicum armies in 40k

It’s been so long since I’ve sat down and considered how to use my Mechanicum army in 40k. They were built pretty much exclusively for Tempus Fugitives campaigns, as they had their own codex. I tried using them as Imperial Guard and later Grey Knights, since my force is Chimera-heavy and includes a lot of infantry and guard-variant tanks. After Maelstrom Games’ demise, TF moved back south to Tabletop Nation and I have deemed that too far to justify.

So, rather than dwell on the lack of TF campaigns within reach, I’ve accepted the need to adapt. This spring, we put on a big game of 40k. Not quite Apocalypse, but rather a custom mission involving Forgeworld rules. Some of my Soul Forge saw an outing, but not much of the smaller Mechanicum forces.

I have stepped back into 30k gaming recently, but this has been focused on my Iron Hands. I finally bit the bullet and purchased some of the Forgeworld Mechanicum models, but have yet to use those, so I am eager to make it happen. However, I am finding that the options in Betrayal are very limited and are really culling my creativity. Where once there was a full codex of entries to imagine and create, I now stare at a single unit entry and it has an official model. These seems to be how it will remain – having seen models of the next Mechanium units appearing in Massacre.



So, I return to my Mechanicum army as a whole. It has gone through generations, reflecting the TF Codex. I have been left with what looks like a traitor Guard army. That is certainly something I could keep playing it as, perhaps allying in the Betrayal Mechanicum forces where permitted.

Is that going to feed my creativity? Well, no.

A friend has taken the idea of using Tau as his core force, utilising Riptides for Knights, Fire Warriors for Skitarrii and allowing all sorts of Grav Tank and Drone options to build into. Now that we have ally options in 40k, the missing components can be drawn from almost any other codex, be it a Land Raider, Techmarines or Storm Ravens (the list is endless).

Being of the dark (Mechnicus) persuasion, I think I’d rather explore the forbidden side and the influence The Dragon has over Mars. Necrons are stuffed full of deliciously evil robots and constructs.

And so begins my foray into dissecting Codex Necrons.

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