Necron-centric Mechanicum – Allies

Previously, I mentioned I was looking at Codex: Necrons as a core army to field my Mechanicum. Here’s my pondering.

Before I look into the Codex, I looked at potential allies to see what other options are available:

Necrons are convenient allies with Chaos Space Marines, Tau, Grey Knights. They’re desperate with other Imperial forces. I will simply ignore desperate allies, as I’d rather the army work together in at least some co-operation. Convenient allies don’t get any negatives (but also get no benefits!).

Chaos Space Marines

The evil beakies have some new toys in their latest codex. The fiends have great potential for Mech/Soul Forge conversion, as are Obliterators, Hell Drakes, Defilers and the usual marine armoury. If I hadn’t chosen Necrons as the main list, I’d probably be using CSM instead, due to the number of thematic options. I have a fair few models that already work with CSM, but there’s plenty of new toys to explore for modelling projects. The Mauler Fiend has my attention.




The Skitarii would be nicely represented by firewarriors – human-like profiles, with hi-tech weaponry. Any potential knights could come in as a Riptide, but I feel the jetpack options don’t really fit. Grav tanks, drones and all manner of power suits also work nicely had I taken my armoury down that route, but my tanks are all tracked!


Grey Knights

Having used Grey Knights before, I’m a little reluctant to return to old territory. However, I do have 2 converted Dreadknights, Imperial vehicles, Mechanicum Assassins and various others just ready to be used. On a need-to-be-ready basis, they’re a great choice, ally or core, but they’re not presenting any new modelling opportunities, which is my main motivation for this chapter.



I can easily narrow my choices down to Chaos Space Marines and Tau for now. I think I’ll hold fire on committing until I can pair up Necron unit entries to Mechanicum units and see what’s absent. Taur Fire Warriors would be great to cover my hordes of Skitarii, but that Mauler Fiend is asking to be cut up!

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