Mechanicum as Codex: Necrons

Before I delve into a unit by unit analysis, I want to make sure the reader understands what and why I am doing this. I’m not a WAAC player, trying to find the perfect army, I am a hobbyist without a codex trying to make do, with a little creative converting in mind. Check out my introductory post about this.

Unit analysis


Every army needs 2 or more troops as a organisational minimum and because you need scoring units to win missions that include objectives.

Necrons have two troops choices: Necron Warriors and Necron Immortals. Both units have a Space Marine statline, barring lower initiative and, for warriors, less armour.

Necron Warriors

This really is the crucible in terms of making a decision. Do I run a core force with SM-level troops? This, I believe, is the challenge I am looking for. Why not? Let’s build a new troop choice for my Mechanicum that can go toe-to-toe with a Space Marine on beef. Slower? Well, let’s call them servitors. I have over 20 of them and many more available. Perhaps I’ll come up with a smaller (than Thallax) robot design or augmented skitarii (Praetorians?) to better fit the shooting capacity.

This, perhaps ideally, leaves open the option to take CSM cultists or Tau Fire Warriors as allied units to represent my regular Skitarii.

Necron Immortals

Immortals could well stand in as the Thallax-size robot units, though they are less tough than actual Thallax. The tesla weaponry fits the theme of lightning guns afterall.




This is where the unit choices get interesting and clearly more Cybernetica territory. Deathmarks are cool sniper/infiltrator units that I could see being either scout-like praetorian units, or armed drones.


Tough, strong, armed with a shield and vehicle-busting polearm. The Lychguard are expensive, but tasty tank and elite hunters. Something akin to the classic Colossus robots would slot into this role, though the single wound profile makes them very flimsy robots! Perhaps then, a role for the Praetorians?


Triarch Praetorians

Perhaps the most suitable matched unit for the Thallax, they’re jump infantry, armed for close-assault, with decent (short ranged) firepower.

C’tan Shard

The stat-line alone makes this model fit into the ‘big augmented suit’ slot. Boasting a load of options, I think the shard is a very customisable, fun, choice for a Myrmidon Magos, Knight or other Mechanicum abomination.

Flayed One Pack

Arco-flagellant styled servitors.


Triarch Stalker

The only walker in the army and it’s nowhere near as beefy as a Defiler. If I consider this one, it’ll be a new build on a smaller frame, lose to a Servitor.

Fast Attack

Canoptek Wraiths

Perhaps the main motivation for looking into Necrons, the Wraiths are beautiful models and a concept that fits into Mechanicum well. I’ll be converting the real model for these and likely getting a lot!


Canoptek Scarabs

My first thoughts here are servo skulls and other automated, small drones. Easy to justify in any shape or form.

Tomb Blades

Absolute wraith-like drone opportunity here. The Tomb Blades scream annihilation drones.

Necron Destroyers

Another drone opportunity. I can see there being quite a lot of flying drones to explore across these choices.

HQ and Heavy Support to be covered in the next article.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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