Part the First: Unboxing the Bolt Action British Army starter set.

In this article, I am going to unbox the Bolt Action: British Army starter set. Warlord games have made it incredibly easy to start building a Force for Bolt Action.

There are two ways: you can buy the ‘Assault on Normandy’ starter pack, which gives you two forces, a rule book and scenery ( which can be found here ), or if you don’t like the forces in the box (Americans and Germans) you can buy a separate rulebook and a 1000 point Starter box, of which there are several to choose from (which is what I did).

Being a patriotic Tommy, I settled on a British force!

You can purchase the box direct from Warlord or order at your FLGS.

Here’s the British Army starter box for Bolt Action:


The first thing I thought was how heavy the box was! Contained within are:
* 40 Plastic British Infantrymen
* British Army Six Pounder AT Gun (white metal)
* British Army Vickers HMG team (white metal)
* British Army 3″ Mortar Team (white metal)
* British Cromwell Tank (resin & white metal)
When you open the box a lovely sight is beheld – all that plastic!


The infantry sprues are packed with detailed parts. The sculpts are realistically proportioned (no ‘clown’ hands or heads) and the mould is clean and crisp with little evidence of mould lines or flash:



There is also a separate sprue of detail pieces – packs, holsters, etc.. to use:



The figures themselves are smaller than say, Games Workshop’s Imperial Guard, and aren’t as ‘chunky’. The details will make for an interesting painting project!

Next out of the box were the support teams:




As with the plastics, the sculpts are really quite realistically proportioned, and fit well with their plastic counterparts. The level of detail is amazing – there are even individual shells for the field gun included! There’s a bit of flash to be removed, but no mould slippage, and the mould lines that are there will be easily removed.

Finally, the Cromwell tank:


The body, tracks and turret are hard resin, with the hatches, barrels and commander white metal. The resin pieces are well moulded, with little warping that can occur in this material, and again, the pieces are crisply moulded with little slippage (in fact, I couldnt find any). The turret has a large ‘plug’ of resin on the underside which needs to be trimmed down to allow the turret to fit the tank body, but this is a job of mere minutes with a razor saw. The tracks fit nicely to the body and won’t I think, need pinning to strengthen the fix.

The final nice touch in the box is the instruction leaflet for the infantry. Listing out clearly which piece is which, this leaflet makes for a good guide:



On the whole, this is a great box to purchase if you want to start playing Bolt Action. According to Warlord Games, you can build a 1000 point force from the box, but I have been advised with a bit of work, you can make a good strong 1500 point army.

The only downside is the lack of instructions for the support weapons and the Cromwell. Whilst experienced modellers won’t be worried by this, they would be a welcome addition for new gamers with little or no experience of building kits.

A strong showing in the box.

NEXT: Building the force!

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