Unboxing: Games Workshop’s Eldar Spiritseer

Lat week I picked up an Eldar Spiritseer for a 600 point doubles tournament. My list was pretty simple, revolving around a Wraithknight, as my ally was bringing 2 Riptides. It seemed rude not to bring all the big robots…

The Spiritseer model is another fine Eldar sculpt that fits seamlessly into their range. I have been fortunate with the latest incarnation of Eldar models as a lot of the display models and box art show my chosen Craftworld – Saim Hann, so I can pretty much paint by numbers.


The model is finecast. A lot of people have strong opinions on this resin product, but I find it fine to work with. The quality of the cast can sometimes be iffy, but in this case there was only a minor bit of bubble gap and the bendy-ness of weapons is easily fixed with hot water. I didn’t btother to fix this as it’s negligible or hidden.



The model is only 3 pieces, so building it is quick and easy. I sliced a couple of pieces from the sprue frame to stick under the feet and raise the model off the base a little. This keeps the feet just above the sand level when based, rather that being dug into it. I don’t usually do this, but I felt Eldar are light footed enough to make he effort.eldar-spiritseer-built

And here he is with the gang!



Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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