Discovering a Common Ground in Board Games

Bingo’s smooth transition to the cyber world

Tom Vasel, the president of The Dice Tower, once said “Many families are into technological games played on the Wii or Xbox, but those games really don’t bring the family closer together the same way board games are able to.” Vasel also stands by the fact that board games play a major role in developing a person’s mental abilities and his overall rationality. “Board games make you think, and thinking is something that increases your level of intelligence,” adding, “If you want to win a game, you have to think and plan ahead in order to be the winner in the end.” These statements strike the chords of every gaming enthusiast – including Warhammer 40,000, and even bingo players. But beyond the competitive nature of players, does these games’ crosshair aim its benefits at a more important matter?

We all know that our families are the pillars of strength, the foundation that shaped us into what we are right now. This is probably one of the reasons why we always look for common grounds to have that certain connection, and link the past and present generations. Warhammer 40,000 made it big more than two decades ago; joining the ranks of Magic: The Gathering and the aforementioned classic, bingo, in maintaining its loyal fan base throughout the years – it’s already an amazing feat in itself, considering they’ve survived an ever-changing paradigm. But, what’s even more impressive is how they’ve adapted their respective playing fields to the younger generation of gamers by efficiently penetrating the world wide web. For instance, became one of the most sought after online bingo sites, just like how the Warhammer online game became a suitable “alternative” for gamers. Basically, it provided a helping hand in widening the scope of these games. So how exactly does this bring the family closer? The answer is simple: we found a common ground.

On the surface, bingo is not exactly a game that can seriously draw the attention of a diverse field of gamers; however, technology did something remarkable to attract a new breed of players. They rode the train of the modern generation by revamping it to a more striking and vibrant setting, without losing its classic charm. It was like subconsciously forcing someone to take his medicine by mixing it with a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream; which, in more ways than one, made everything an easy transition.

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