Kickstarter Review: Prodos Games Mutant Warzone: Cybertronic

My Cybertronic Kickstarter arrived this week. I had somewhat forgotten about the project, mostly because I only put in a small pledge for one starter box – the Cybertronic.


Opening the box, there was a lot of blue-ish resin and some cards. I wasn’t aware of what I was to expect, but looking at the Kickstarter page, it was missing a lot of cards, dice and rules, but had some ‘C’hronicles counters extra. The missing bits will probably follow, but am I supposed to dig through the comments/updates to find out?

2013-10-08 18.59.53

The quality of the resin and models is fantastic. The Everassur has some mild mold lines to clean, but the Chasseurs needed next to no clean up work. The resin is very easy to cut – quite soft. I started, unsurprisingly, with the big guy – Everassur:

2013-10-08 19.00.33

Oddly, all the bases have slots, but none of the models have inserts for this. This means you’ll need to add base inserts or some plasticard over the gap before adding flock/sand. I stuck cork right over it. Here he is assembled, next to a Space Marine and a Rat Ogre.

2013-10-08 20.12.59

The Chasseurs really confused me. I cleaned up the chests and legs and assembled those quickly.

2013-10-08 19.43.38

However, I couldn’t match up any arms. There were a lot of left hand ‘cupping’ arms which I tried to pair up with right arm ‘gripping’ arms. I kept cutting off the arms to try new pairings, but none seemed to match.

2013-10-08 20.05.24

I had to load up the artwork to see how they’re supposed to be assembled and noticed that all the left arms I have aren’t shown on the 3D designs or ‘box’ art.


I’m not sure whether this is a packing mistake or if I’m supposed to do some heavy hot-water bending work to solve the issue.

2013-10-08 20.05.30

I’ve left a comment (and now this link) to the Prodos folk. Hopefully they’ll enlighten me with some instruction so that I can conclude this review.

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  1. Raul Allen says:

    I did not like that Prodos Games (Warzone) did not respond to my letter within 10 days.A letter was about the quality and method of manufacturing the thumbnails.

  2. Raul Allen says:

    i m Sorry not the thumbnails, the miniatures.
    (google translator)

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