Star Trek Attack Wing – Wave 1 – Jem’hadar and Praetus previews

The official Wizkids blog has been showing off some of the next ships and full detail of the cards in the ship expansions.  Previously, I showed the 4 expansions due in wave 1:

  • U.S.S. Defiant Expansion Pack (Federation) – preview
  • I.K.S. Kronos One Expansion Pack (Klingon) – preview
  • I.R.W. Praetus Expansion Pack (Romulan) – preview
  • 5th Wing Patrol Ship 6 Expansion Pack (Dominion – preview

All of these ships have now been previewed by Wizkids. Something you quickly discover about Attack Wing is that an expansion pack is so named because you get more than just a ship. The price, whilst reasonable, seems high until you realise just how much use an expansion provides. Here’s a shot of a sample expansion pack:

I.R.W. Praetus Expansion Pack

I.R.W. Praetus Expansion Pack

In order to use a ship in Attack Wing, you need more than just the model. Each ship requirs a base with pegs. The base is designed to allow the movement card to slit into the front and rear, for very accurate movement. The base is also designed to fit a stats card and captain tokens. The stats card is important because it marks firing arcs, which differ across ships. The ship tokens need to be changeable as you can pick any captain for your ship. Finally, every ship has its own maneuver dial, which has a unique set of options for each ship.

In addition to the ship model and accessories, you get enough tokens to add the ship to your existing fleet pool. There are shield tokens, a unique target lock, auxiliary token, tech disable token and action tokens. You also get all the captain tokens to work with the cards included. The ship aside, you get a good selection of cards. Most packs seem to have at least 2 captains and enough upgrades to cover all the slots available on the ship. All of these upgrades, in most cases, can be used by any other ship in the game. This is a very important part of the expansion.

You are not just adding a ship when you buy an expansion, you are adding a nice selection of options to all your future games. I’ve gone so far as buying other faction expansions just to get hold of the upgrades in the pack. Lets take a look at what’s coming for Romulans and Dominion (Federation and Klingons will follow):


Romulan Bird of Prey – “Praetus”

The Praetus has had a bit of a poor reception. Here’s the card: Ship-PraetusAt first glance, it’s a very weak ship and the lack of shield combined with dodgy cloaking device make it really vulnerable. The non-unique version cannot even cloak! This could easily die to a single round of fire from one larger ship. It’s a very cheap ship – the cheapest we’ve seen yet, but does it’s lackluster profile make it even playable? I think it will see some play in smaller games and perhaps to assist in damage attrition. Since it has no crew slots, it’s not much of a contender for away missions either. What upgrades come in this expansion? Tech-Cloaked-MinesThe cloaked mines seem a very reasonable and useful tool. Considering how cheap the Praetus is, using it in support to lay such mines on the table means you aren’t losing too much firepower elsewhere. This lends some positive weight to the Praetus for a longer, tactical fight. Sadly, you only get one of these cards. The mission card may shed some purpose on this ship – as far as I can tell you play against a damaged enemy ship. That seems hilarious! The other cards are cheap, but somewhat weak upgrades. Nothing to shout about. This seems to be the smallest expansion yet, so I would be surprised if its released at the same price as the rest. It’s low on card count and the model is half the value of regular ships. Next up:


Dominion Jem’Hadar Attack Ship

This is a ship I have been waiting for. A relatively cheap, but powerful fighting ship for the Dominion that looks so much nicer than the Cardasian barges! Ships-5th-Wing-Patrol-ShipThe ship seems very well rounded, with the reduced stats reflected in a cheaper cost. The generic version is only 20 points, for the usual loss of shield and text. I think these will work very well alongside a Breen vessel if you want to go light on upgrades, jumping into the fight once the Breen have disabled their target’s shields. However, shields aren’t really a problem if you have the points to spend. Something new for this expansion (and to a lesser extent, the Defiant) is limitations on upgrade cards. If you want to collect cards for other factions, the Jem’Hadar will be a bad choice for anyone bar Dominion, simply because they either can’t be used on non Jem’Hadar ships, or cost a lot more to do so. Crew-Tomantorax   The Jem’hadar crew options include, like most ships, the ability to discard to remove an enemy upgrade. Jem’hadar, however, ignore shields and cloaking devices. You’ve seen the TV series, right? If that isn’t cool enough, then with Virak’kara you can then use the removed ability! Or, using the Weyoun captain, you can prevent the card from being discarded. Crew-Virakkara   The trend for Jem;hadar seems to be “we can do it better”, but these cards do cost a little more (or have a negative) than the regular. Check out these torpedoes. The pack less punch, but simply ignore your shields! Weapon-Phased-Polaron-Beam   If you are finding your weaponry isn’t doing the job, then there’s another option! Tech-Suicide-Attack

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