Miniature Review : Guild of Harmony Maria and Burt

Hello all, Neil of Orange here again.  Breaking the trend a little, here’s a review of some minis not related to a kickstarter.  Instead it’s some fab steampunk figures from Guild of Harmony who produce some interesting takes on fairy tale characters.


So my pair of minis came all the way from Australia in next to no time at all.  They arrived in a well packed bubble pack envelope (if memory serves) in little baggies as you can see above.


Cast expertly in white metal (I think) these figures are intricately detailed and 32mm in scale, so ideal for heroic skirmish games, such as my fav Malifaux.


Burt is some sort of chimney sweep who has a steampunk leg brace, a gun on his hip, a lamp and of course his clockwork brush.  Cast in two pieces he wasn’t much work to prepare with the brush resting against his shoulder.  Barely a mould line or hint of flash to bee seen.


Maria is a complex figure, standing on a chimney holding her carpet bag in one hand and the battery powered flying umbrella in the other, she’s ready to take to the skies.  She too is armed with a pistol.  Maria had a few minor mold lines and tiny bits of flash, but generally a very well cast figure.


To make sure Maria wasn’t going to have an awkward moment, I pinned both arms.


I left the ‘brolly off while painting too


Here’s both assembled, with no glue at this stage but it gave me an idea of where I might need green stuff and how well they’d stay together.  Both shoulder joints needed a little filling, but the wrist join was fine.  I added some greenstuff to the umbrella too.

At this point I was really happy with the figures and as a review its fair to say these are an excellent addition to any collection that can find a home for some whimsical steampunk characters – go have a look on the site for more.  I’ve got Alice saved for another project 🙂

However this article doesn’t quite finish here.  These figures were bought with a specific project in mind, “alternative wedding toppers” for a pair of good friends of mine due to tie the knot.  Now the big event has passed I can share this review with you and the painted final look I went for.


Burt and Maria are designed as a couple, there’s even a resin version where they are holding hands which I feared was beyond my luck to stay in one piece during painting.  You can see here they still go together well, so I painted them in colour that suggest wedding attire.  My friends were having an autumn wedding, so orange was a key colour I ensured was incorporated (obviously I approve of the choice).


…and from behind


I made a base that was supposed to mimic icing on the top of a cake, but on the off chance the figures ever needed to get on the board, I magnetised them and made an amusing face on the base as a result.

Come the big day I was cheeky and made them open the present in a quiet moment (they had just been given customised Munchkin cards, so it felt right) and I can only assume they were pleased as they put them on the top of the cake for real!



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