Upcoming Star Trek Attack Wing Event Models

Wizkids have been showing off some of the models we can expect to see in upcoming OP events. Attending Spiel at Essen, Brueckenkopf Online have been kind enough to post some pictures of the product on display.

In month 3 (November), every participant will be given a pack of coloured pegs and bases. These will be useful to differentiating same-ship/same-captain models on opposing sides, but I think they would also be handy for marking your flagship, once we get the resource prize in month 4 (card also shown below).


In month 4 (December), the lucky winner of the event will get the U.S.S. Sutherland prize (below, right). Participants in month 6 (March) will also all get a Federation Attack Squadron (below, left) for taking part.


We’ve also got a glimpse of the Akorem / Bajoran ship which is presented as a prize to the winners of month 6.


…which is in addition to the month 6 overall prize, granted to the best captain of all 6 events… Deep Space Nine!


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