Space Mats (& Battle Mats) review

In all the rage of space ship miniature games lately, I decided to fork out for a 3×3 (foot) vinyl mat to play on. I’d previously got some 3v3 MDF boards cut but quickly realised that you need more space to put all the cards on for the likes of X-Wing and Star Trek Attack Wing. When playing on larger boards, you can easily forget where the board edge is and fly your ships off to their doom! So, a 3v3 map on a larger table seems the best compromise. However, you can of course  buy larger dimensions if needed.

Space Mats & Battle Mats, a relatively new operation from what I can tell, appeared on my Facebook feed and I was intrigued as to how they would look. Some people jumped in before even seeing pictures of them in use, but Chris (chief cartographer) quickly supplied some pictures and off my money went.

Supplied in a large poster tube, you basically get a free container to store/transport the mat. Keeping it rolled with the back on the inside should make the mat bend the right way when placing onto a flat surface (into the table, rather than away from).

The material is pretty hardy, bendable and waterproof:


The print quality is great. I was concerned that such a large print may have low/stretched detail, but the mat looks lovely, even up close.


Here are some more Dominion ships from Star Trek Attack Wing. That game I keep raving about…


And here’s the full three foot of glory, straight out of the tube for the first time. The weight of the vinyl pretty much holds the mat down flat (no curving corners).


I suspect I’ll be visiting Space Mats (or Battle Mats) again for other designs.

Rusty Dice

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  1. Stu says:

    I consider buying one of these mats as well but then I found this one on amazon instead

    The quality and print is top notch…its good to see we’ve got more options for vinyl mats in the UK now.

  1. November 9, 2013

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