Malifaux Hobby Post: Nightmares before Christmas

Neil of Orange here with a hobby update blog.

It’s been a busy December, with Deadzone turning up and several fun holiday events taking place.  As a result I don’t have a lot of painting to show off, although I am sporting a few lacerations from the crazy amount of miniature building I’ve been doing thanks the huge amount stuff I got in the Deadzone kickstarter!

I have managed to complete a few figures that have been lurking on my painting table for a while and as luck would have it they are (well were in a previous version) Nightmares from Malifaux, so hence the excuse for the title pun.



First up is one of the Reaper Bones figures I got earlier this year.  This chap is actually proxying as Lelu – I’m not a massive fan of the original (I’m waiting to see what the version 2.0 model looks like) and given I had this figure just waiting around it was opportune.   He’s some sort of vampire, so taking photos of him were tricky, sorry for the blur!  The Reaper figure came with a moulded base so I attached this to a standard 30mm to make him more game compatible.  As he’s most likely going to be hanging around with Lilith I wanted to link the bases a bit, so I found some brass etched ferns from Hasslefree that mimic some of the detailing on her base.


Even from behind I couldn’t surprise this guy, so he’s still a bit blurry.  The figure is in a slightly odd pose, but I like to think he’s perhaps growing after a big meal (as Neverborn have want to do) so his limbs are all out of proportion and he’s out of balance.  As a Bones figure he’s made of vinyl and I think the detail on him is perhaps a bit soft.  As a result my paint job isn’t as crisp as I usually produce, something that’s common with the next figure as well.  Instead its more of an oil painting sort of finish, something a friend of mine is a master of.


The second figure fresh from the table is another Reaper Bones proxy, this time Lilitu.  A similar story to Lelu, although in this case I much prefer the traditional Succubus look here and the Wyrd replacement is going to have to be a really nice figure to make me change this one.  I also changed the colour scheme quite a lot, going for something that visually linked to Lilith and the Terror Tots I’ve done with a bit of World of Warcraft thrown in.  Again the base has some brass ferns added for flavour.

The NSFW version is here


Here’s a cheeky view of her behind.  Again the detail is more suggested than firm so this was very much an experiment for me in terms of painting style.  I am pleased with them overall, but there’s definitely a lot I have to learn about about this less precise technique.


Finally for this post I have my new favourite figure, Nightmare Teddy.  Each year Wyrd release a nightmare version of a figure for limited sale as part of Gencon.  A few years ago it was Teddy (this year it was Tara).  I missed the Teddy boat, so to speak. but was able to swap this year’s exclusive ‘Miss Step’ figure for him.  He comes with an alternative head and arm, so I mixed and matched the pieces to my preference.  He’s a huge figure (that’s a 50mm base) so I had a lot of brown to try and break up.  I’ve used many different shades and have a large gradient from near black through to nearly cream in some places.  I’ve also had a play with GW’s new technical paint “Blood for the Blood God”, it seems quite good, although I recommend a base coat of a red shade you are aiming for underneath to get really vibrant results.


Teddy is mounted on a base from Bases4War, following the theme I used for Lilith.  I love the base, although I am wondering whether Teddy will see more play with Pandora than Lilith now, who will have a different basing theme, but never mind.

Well that’s nearly it for this year – I have one more post up my sleeve then I think its time for a review of 2013 and plans for 2014.

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