Operation Ironclad – Burton Beer and Pretzels 2014

Last year, we ran a very successful large scale game at Burton’s Beer and pretzels. This year, we intend to build on that success and run another game (hopefully this becomes a trend).


Previously we tested the waters with a walker-only game using 40k and Apocalypse rules. To keep things fresh and keep challenging ourselves, we’re going to properly test the waters… with a sea invasion scenario – based on Operation Ironclad.

This scenario will involve 3 forces: 2 separate attackers and the main defender. Each attacker approaches from the sea in a separate direction, with the defenders sat in the middle weathering the assault.



What’s special about this scenario is the array of forces. Each attack force will be employing aircraft and seacraft, both to attack with and deploy ground forces.

You can read the scenario rules on our little converters forum and chat with us in our Big Cap Battle Facebook group.

We encourage anyone to turn up, ideally with at least 1 sea of air vehicle. There will be a conversion competition judged on the day for best Orky water-related vehicle.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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